Saturday, June 4, 2011

A June Beach



We took a picnic tea down to the water,
Though it was chilly, even in the sun.
This is the view we looked at as we sat there.
It's very clear that winter has begun.
The oval pool you see here is the children's,
Obviously emptied for a clean,
But still some hardy souls are by the water
Though it's definitely not a summer scene.



Maxine and I, we think as one!
Old age is really not much fun!
Finding that ones outer shell
Is giving-up is just pure hell!
Parts that once were lithe and slim
Now are shriveled-up and grim!
Parts once rounded now are fat,
And really not worth looking at!
People say 'For goodness sake
Don't leap naked from a birthday cake!'
Doctors really earn their pay
Studying, day after day,
Every ghastly variation
On the human situation!
But, though I am an old has-been
My brain is fixed at about sixteen!
And I'm sure Maxine is just the same!
Both of us still in the game!