Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012


It has been a year since I contributed to this blog. Although I'm fast approaching 82, life is so busy that I just haven't got round to it. Now there's a little quiet time in my life and I thought I'd give it another go. I always enjoy reading the reports from other people so.......I last wrote in September 2011 and now it's October 2012, so the dates fit quite neatly.


Outside my window...Spring is in full bloom. The sky is a brilliant blue and all the birds are singing.

I am thinking...what a fortunate woman I am, with all my family members living nearby and with a delightful circle of women friends as well.

I am thankful...that, apart from a temporarily (I hope) painful knee, I am extremely fit and active for my age.

In the kitchen...nothing is going on. I'm going out for supper tonight so Malcolm has had a main-meal lunch at the local club so that he'll only need a snack tonight.

I am wearing...a rather old, light mauve and turquoise blouse, with a spencer under it because there's still a chill in the breeze. I'm also wearing mauve and turquoise beads and ear-rings. I'm not a snazzy dresser, like some of my friends, but I do like things matching!

I am creating...this blog page. But I have ideas for a new play festering away in my mind. A friend has asked me to write a little comedy about Lawn Bowls, to take around to bowling clubs, but I first have to find out more about the game!

I am the VIEW club tonight. This is a ladies' club whose soul purpose is to raise money for The Smith Family, a local charity. I joined the group when its meeting coincided with the meeting of his Car Club. He no longer goes to the Car Club, but I still continue with VIEW, because I like the company of the members.

I am wondering...whether we will have a really bad bush-fire season this year. We have had two years of drenching rain and so there's a lot of fuel for fires. We are safe here, in a city on the edge of the sea, but I still find bush-fires terrifying.

I am reading...'The Help' which is the chosen book for my Book Group this month. I am enjoying it so much. I saw the film, but I think the book is infinitely better.

I am hoping...the pain in my knee is going to ease-up soon!

I am looking forward to...tomorrow. I am taking my melodrama group to perform at a local church. The play is called 'Between the Sheets'! It's about a Librarian saving his girl-friend from a 'fate worse than death' through a clue left in a library book. I write song-parodies so there's a lot of audience-involvement.

I am learning......oh dear! I don't think I'm learning anything!!!!

Around the house...As we intend to sell-up and move into retirement accommodation in about four years, we're not doing much to the house, but we feel the carpet will need cleaning any day soon!

I am pondering...the state of the world. I do it frequently. If there were no newspapers, or news broadcasts I'd think the whole world was happy (it seems to be so here) but, unfortunately, the world intrudes. There has just been a ghastly murder in Melbourne, and that has unsettled everyone.

A favourite quote for today...'Ladies! If a man says he'll fix something, he will. There's no need to remind him every six months!' I saw this on-line the other day and it made me smile!

One of my favourite a beetroot sandwich!!! I love beetroot in any form and I've just had some for lunch. I believe it's good for you but I'd eat it even if it wasn't!

I'll add my most recent photo. This is my melodrama group, taken at a get-together last week. We had just presented a program of two plays at a local community centre and we were meeting to discuss the pros and cons. I am the lady on the far left in the front, in a white top.

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