Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 2011


September 2011
I start with the Simple Woman's format and continue on as a journal.

Outside my window.. there are grey skies, frequent showers and an altogether dreary day, but at least we managed to have a  walk around the lake before the weather set-in.
I am thinking...that I don't feel like cooking this-evening, because I had a hearty lunch at the Awaba Art Gallery, so I'll just make Malcolm an omelette! 
I am thankful...that I haven't anything urgent to do tomorrow. I'll stay in out of the rain and sort out my Summer clothes. The clocks go forward tonight.
In the kitchen...Malcolm is making a cup of tea as I write!
I am wearing...grey slacks, grey and black top and green jacket. The jacket is really for outdoor wear, but I haven't taken it off since coming home!
I am creating...not much at the moment. I completed my ideas for the children's book and they've all gone off to Peter, but I must gather some writing ideas together so that I have something to work on on the coach next Friday, when we set off for a South Coast holiday.
I am going... to Merimbula on Friday, with a group of about forty 'friends'.
I am wondering...if Greg and his family have set-off yet for Byron Bay. They're going up there for a week.
I am reading...nothing at the moment but I have just completed 'The Book Thief', which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I am hoping...Greg and his family arrive at Byron Bay safely! The main road is bad at holiday times.
I am looking forward to.. a week full of activity..... rehearsals, poetry performances and a church concert.
I am hearing...that wretched tinnitus . But I can also hear distant cheers from the TV downstairs, which is showing Geelong winning the AFL (Australian Football) Grand Final . 99,000 fans make quite a loud noise!
Around the house... things are demanding attention. Tomorrow I must try to defrost the fridge before I go on holiday!
I am pondering...which clothes to take on Friday. The weather is so changeable at this time of year that I think 'layers' are the answer.
One of my favorite my camera. I clicked a few things today which can be seen on my main blog......
A few plans for the rest of the week.......I must make them tomorrow. I always set-out the various scripts etc that I need in order on the spare bed.

Now to September.

The month started with Father's Day. All the family came round and I managed to get a photo of us all together. I ruined this one by grimacing. I think I was squeezing Max a bit too hard! The two little boys, Max and Harry, belong to our son, Greg, on the left, and the older boy, Blake, is my daughter's son. The dog is Banjo. He belongs to Blake but has a crush on Malcolm.

I gave a talk on Graphology at Malcolm's Club. I became very interested in it when I was living in S Africa. I know very little but I managed to whet the appetites of the audience. 

On the same day Malcolm was sporting a patch over one eye as he'd just had laser surgery (which was successful). He's wearing a 'necklace' because he's President of the Club! I caught him off-guard.
Another day we went with friends to have lunch at Valentine, on the Lake. This was our view.

Friend Joan and I had lunch together at the Bowling Club one day. No-one will ever recognise her from this photo! But the green comes up well!

A group including children was playing Barefoot Bowls as we were eating and they all seemed to have a great time.  

The Book Group held its monthly meeting at our house. This was rather a special meeting as the daughter of a friend has just had a novel published at she came to talk to us about the process. Our lounge is only small, but it was a cool night so we didn't mind all squashing-in.

The Choir made its annual trip up to Cessnock to sing at a Church Retirement Village. Here is Betty introducing an old war song 'Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major'. We do sing other, more melodic, songs too!

And a few days later a few of us went to a local social group to perform our little melodrama, 'Pirate Pie' The weather was glorious so we posed in the garden with the roses afterwards.

When the School Holiday started we had Max and Harry for a sleepover and then took them, along with Rebecca and Blake, to the Museum. Here they are enjoying one of the child-friendly exhibits.

As the month drew to an end, Malcolm and I went on an excursion to the Southern Highlands, where the climate is quite different from coastal New South Wales. Here I am admiring the bluebells, very exotic flowers for Australia.

The month ended with a Pre Holiday Get-Together at Shirley's house. I think our trip to Merimbula will be a great success.