Thursday, July 1, 2010


A great day today! And all grandmothers will realise it needs few words to describe it! I spent time with all three of my grandsons!

I spent time at Harry's school, where I prepared the take-home readers and supervised some of the tables. I'd forgotten what an exhausting task it is, teaching five year-olds! Not for me, but for the teacher. She organised one table to chalk on old-fashioned blackboards only to discover some little darling had crayoned all over the boards so that they were unusable! Things like that! And the children are so ......lively! I posed Harry in front of the model Post Office van that's been made for a concert at the end of the week. I'd love to see the concert, but there are only two tickets per family so, of course, Greg and Michelle are going.

Then I went on to my daughter, Rebecca's. She was minding Greg's other son, Max, as she usually does on Thursdays. After lunch we drove to the Reserve and had a great time rambling in the woods. As you can see, Max looks very cheerful and healthy but there are a few worries about his health at the moment. He often gets very pale and listless, and his innards don't always work well so his parents are trying him on a gluten-free diet. It certainly seemed to work well today. If he really does have a problem with gluten he'll have it for life, but at least it can be managed easily. 

Finally, Rebecca's own son, eleven year-old Blake arrived home from school. He was clad in his pyjamas which seemed odd until I learned that pyjamas had been worn at school in aid of Stewart House! This is a holiday cottage for deprived children run by the Education Dept, and all the children in Blake's class had had to pay for the privilege of wearing night-attire. He then started riding his old trike, which had been unearthed for Max! The whole effect was rather circus-like! It was his own mother who said he looked like a clown! But a handsome one, you must admit! 


  1. Oh Brenda, they are extremely cute! And yes being a grandmother is wonderful. The grands add so much fun to life. I thoroughly enjoy mine! Glad you were able to spend some time and get photos of them! Love Di ♥

  2. they are so cute
    it is so good u have ur family around u

  3. Your grandsons are so sweet. I hope his eye will be fine. I still have children. No grandchildren yet, but I hear it's wonderful being a grandparent.