Monday, May 10, 2010


We had our Choir Practice yesterday afternoon. We're fortunate because we have our practices at Lois' house and we look out over her delightful view at the same time as we sing. (A view ruined by those awful overhead wires! Australia's slow in getting them underground.) I was late getting there as I got a lift with a friend who was delayed. The reason for this is that my car is being used by Greg, whose own car needed repair. On top of that Malcolm reversed into a truck the other day! So that was out of commission too! Fortunately, he found the identical piece at a Car Wreckers so he's saving a lot of money doing the repairs himself.

Though Gordon Brown in the UK is definitely not one of my favourite people, I feel very sorry for him at the moment. He was in the shadow of Tony Blair for years and he took over the job of PM when things were bad. Not only that but I think he probably has an unfortunate nature. He may be a saint but he comes over as very brusque and demanding and he doesn't seem to look people in the eye! The state of British politics is appalling all round. It seems a little known lesser politician who didn't get that many votes is the most powerful man in the country at present.

As for the loan to Greece.... that makes me feel very uneasy. It's being loaned money when it's already in debt! How is it ever going to climb out of the mire? Not only that but the populace wont stand for too many privations and I foresee riots etc in the future. If Spain and Portugal go the same way the EU will unravel and a noble idea will have come to nothing. All very disturbing.

We have our Budget Night tonight. We're told not to expect any handouts, but this present government is so unpopular at the moment that I think there's bound to be a sweetener in there somewhere!

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  1. I also reversed into someone's bumper last week in our car lot and
    it cost me a lot of money for a mere dent! Fortunately, it turned out to be a neighbor of mine, so there was a friendly settlement. By the way, Long Island can also have its unsightly poles and wires close to the beaches - something about putting them underground would be too close to the water table! I am not sure that these are necessarily jeriatric comments - after all, anyone can dent a bumper, and someone has to put up with the wires. At least they are somewhere jeriatric birds can sit and rest their weary wings a bit!