Friday, May 14, 2010


Homecomings have been in the wind today. The first was a national homecoming, as a local heroine sailed into Sydney Harbour after months at sea, circumnavigating the world alone! Jessica Watson is only sixteen so it's been a tremendous achievement. There was a lot of controversy about her voyage  before she went. I think the population was evenly divided between those who said 'Go for it, girl!' and those who thought it was a crazy, foolhardy thing to do. My mind was on her parents. They must be remarkably in tune as both of them said 'If she wants to do it let her try!' I can't imagine many parents being so trusting or risk-taking. I was certainly one who thought the whole idea should be shelved and I couldn't help feeling that her parents were just after publicity. It's a strange thing, really..... if she'd drowned at sea (and that was on the cards as her craft rolled over several times) they'd now be pariahs, almost considered murderers. But because everything's gone well, they're being feted and described as wonderful parents! Nothing can take-away the bravery and ability of the young girl though. I'm shortly going to switch on the TV to see her gala arrival in Sydney.

In our own little uneventful lives another homecoming has taken place. Rebecca, Brian and Blake have just arrived home from three weeks in NZ. I'm always relieved when people are back in their right slots! I could certainly never have mothered a Jessica Watson! We haven't seen Becca yet as they left NZ at 2.0.a.m. our time this-morning and they're all sleeping it off. We'll see them tomorrow, and give back their little dog, Banjo, who's been with us for three weeks.


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  2. Hi Rinkly Rimes,

    Lovely site you have here and a nice post. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Don't forget that our parents held off forbidding us to hitch our
    way to the Cote D'Zur from Dover! And, like you, I am very relieved
    when everyone is back in their slot from holidays. Yet, on the rare
    occasions when I do travel, I have no fears of what might happen to me
    - which is probably how they feel, too - as we did hitching to the Cote
    D'Zur. So, whenever someone goes away, I go into a state of denial
    and get obsessively busy doing something else! I wonder what our
    mothers did!

  4. Congratulations to all! For me, yesterday was a bit of a memorable homecoming too. Some of you would have read or watched the news about the situation in Bangkok. Fierce fighting broke out just as my children finished school. Public transport was halted and chaos ensued. My hubby walked over 10km to get to my kids and got them home safely.