Sunday, May 16, 2010


I spent a happy morning with friends, recording Melodrama music. Carole, our pianist, has to have an operation on her hand shortly and so I'm eager to get everything on tape. The two Pams were there, Pam Morrison looking very uncomfortable after a knee operation. It's not the knee that's troubling her, though, it's her lower back, so we're hoping nothing was put out of place during the knee operation! It didn't affect  her voice, though! We all have a slight problem in that our voices have lowered over the years and poor Carole has to transcribe most things to a lower key.Still, we're getting there.

Rebecca and Blake came round in the afternoon with all their NZ news. I hope to have some photos shortly. Greg's boys were beside themselves with excitement; you would have thought they hadn't seen Blake for years, and they were delighted with their NZ Airways model planes. I was a bit concerned as the planes had sharp wings and they were swooping them very near each others eyes. Becca showed her photos on our TV and we were all surprised to see how dry NZ looked. We always think of it as our green backyard! But NZ has had a bad drought ever since Christmas. They had a good time, anyway, and Blake looked such a young gentleman beside his two cousins.

We've all been horrified by a murder in Australia. It involved a young girl communicating with a young man on Facebook and him working on her love of animals. (She had been studying animal husbandry at Technical College). He pretended that he was part of a well-known Wildlife organisation and he said that  if she was interested in joining it she could attend a forest camp with other enthusiasts. Off she went ..... and her body was found a day later! How devious! How wicked! It shows how careful one has to be.
The Victim
I've mislaid my camera!! This is like losing an arm! So if I don't find it soon I'll buy another!


  1. If you have to buy a new camera, I highly recommend the digital Canon
    "PowerShot G7" (or whatever the latest is in this line). Well, you have seen what I have done with it and that's not using it, yet, to its fullest

  2. I hesitate to correct you (because I corrected someone else not too long ago who became so enraged that she systematically went through my posts and deleted every single comment she ever made, and she has not returned), but I cannot help myself in the interest of accuracy. I believe what poor old Carole has to do is transpose most things to a lower key. But if she actually writes out the piece of music in the new key, I guess it can be called transcribing as well.

    Please don't be angry at me; I don't think my heart can stand it.