Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Outside my window...I'm writing in the evening again so the sky is a mystery. I must try to write first thing in the morning so that I have something to say. My husband has gone off into that night to attend his Car Club meeting, so he'll be seeing more of the sky than I will on this occasion.
I am thinking......that the Israeli attack on the Flotilla was a disaster. I don't suppose we'll ever know, for certain, if the ships containing Aid were armed or not, for weapons would be so easy to plant now. But the deaths are a tragedy. And I think it's a tragedy for Israel, too, because they're losing so much world support! Soon they'll have no friends left! It always amazes me that Jews can be so militant. After all their race went through in the war one would expect them to be the most gentle and peaceable of people!
I am thankful for... the fact that we left South Africa when we did. So many of my friends stayed on there only to find that their children had to leave the country to get work in America or elsewhere , so they never see their grandchildren. Mine live only minutes away and I always feel so lucky in that regard.
From the learning rooms.....  Harry, not yet six years old, has to prepare a speech for next week. It's going to be about Dinosaurs (what else?). He's been rehearsing it with me.
From the kitchen.....  Nothing remarkable today. My cooking skills are limited, so today we had smoked cod, poached and with butter, and green peas with tiny potatoes. But we had guavas  (canned) for sweet. We grew to like the fruit when we were in Africa. Tomorrow I intend to start using the Slow Cooker again. It hibernates in summer but I've made some very tasty winter caseroles in it in the past.
I am wearing...  a pair of grey slacks and a bottle green jumper. I changed into comfortable clothes after I got back from Malcolm's Probus meeting today. While there I wore my brown suit and a ruffled blouse so I didn't look too bad. Regarding the meeting, the Speaker was the local pharmacist who gave an interesting talk on 'Your body; how to look after what you have left!'  She touched on interesting topics. The one that fascinated me was an explanation of 'side effects'
I am creating... the visit to Probus and the collection of two very lively grandsons from their schools took up most of my creative time today! Tomorrow I'm going to work on a ten minute play for a Festival called 'Short and Sweet.'
I am going... nowhere tomorrow. This means I should achieve a lot of worthwhile domestic goals..... cupboard tidying, ironing etc. But I'll probably be drawn blogwards ad achieve little!
I am reading...nothing at the moment, but I picked-up 'Catch 22' from the libarary today so I'll dip into that later this-evening.
I am hoping...the rainy depression will lift befor Thursday, when I'm going on a Poetry Reading spree.
I am hearing...all the usual creaky sounds one hears when one is in an empty house at night!
Around the house.....I have plans to buy a chest freezer. I find I lose things in the freezer attatched tto the fridge. I'll have to twist Malcolm's arm! He hates spending money!
One of my favorite things... is the electric blanket. I only heat up the bed for half an hour before I get into bed, and I never sleep with it on, but it certainly is a comfort on these chilly nights.
A few plans for the rest of the week:  On Thursday I'm getting the train down the coast to entertain a club with my Poetry. And on Friday there's the rehearsal at 'The Cricketers Arms.'

A Photograph and a Thought. There is a Welcome Wall down in Sydney where immigrants can record their names. And here we are, 'The Bryant Family'. We arrived in Sydney in 1974. The mix of names is interesting. But I wonder whether our grandchildren will ever bother to look at it! A sad thought.

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  1. My grandchildren live too far away, but unless they lived in the next block, it would be too far! I get to see them often, usually 2-3 times a year for a couple weeks at a time, so I can live with that. You're really fortunate that you see yours as often as you do!

  2. It is true, you are blessed to live so close to your grandchildren....I think it very important not only for the children but the grandparents....your life sounds relaxing, busy and interesting......:-) Hugs

  3. To be Jewish is to be persecuted one way or another. I find it amazing that you say that because of what Hitler did to them one would expect them to be a most gentle and peaceable people! That is like saying his
    persecutions one the day. It is a race that will not be put down like any other race that will not tolerate a dictator of his ilk.

  4. The plaque with your family name on it is neat! It is a blessing to live close to our grandchildren.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Being close to my Grandchild, Jack, is the brightest light in my life. He's 2 1/2 and I have him all day on Tuesdays. Such a blessing.

    I never could read Catch 22...

    Lesley x