Wednesday, June 9, 2010


An enjoyable day today although the wind whistled round my ears! It was 67 degreees which some, particularly my Finnish friend, Jussi, may consider warm, but the wind-chill was evident and we were all complaining. Just as a heat-wave or a drought seems to take the UK by surprise, so winter weather always shocks Australians. Not in Tasmania, of course, as they have 'real' seasons there, but in the more Northern parts of the country. Our houses are designed to be cool and so draughts abound in winter weather, and we never organise ourselves adequately for the rare 'nippy' spell because, after all, it's already nearly mid-winter! Actually, the back-end of the winter is always longer than the start and Spring is still a long way off. But let us say that 'Global Warming isn't uppermost in our minds just now!

Today our Probus Choir performed at the local Coffee Pot Club. This club is so-called in honour of local history, not because it's famous for its coffee. We're heavily undermined here, as this was, and still is, a major coal-mining area. One of the main mines emerged at our now pristine Merewether Beach and, to get the coal trucks up from the beach a special narrow engine had to be designed. This was nicknamed The Coffee pot.

Here are some photographs of our happy day. I am the lady in purple.

Serious Stuff

Alexander's Ragtime Band.


  1. I am glad you had a great day and enjoyed the voices from the choir. I do not like really cold weather, but could use a lite bit of yours. We are very hot and dry here. So pleased you stopped by for a visit.

  2. great,.. sounds more fun and enjoyment down there,..

  3. Oh Brenda it looks like you gals are having so much fun! I love to sing. Wish I could join your group! Love Di ♥