Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This-afternoon has been quite frenetic! As usual, once a month, I invited friends around for an afternoon of Scrabble. Unfortunately, there were more of us than usual, and so we had to split ourselves into two groups, one to play Scrabble and the other to play Rummycub in the kitchen. Our house is quite small and some of my friends are the opposite and so it was all a bit of a squash. Immediately one of them suggested having a cup of tea before rather than during the afternoon, so we had to squeeze our way round each other to get that sorted! Once we started our games there were gales of laughter from both rooms. Malcolm was upstairs having a rest with his ear-phones on! I wonder why! Then came the time for another round of refreshments. Ann is a dab hand at sausage rolls and Shirley's forte is tiny cucumber sandwiches, both of which I love. Finally, another game of Scrabble, involving all of us, minus two who had to go home early. I won the game, so that was good for the ego. But after they'd left I felt completely exhausted!

Yesterday evening was much more civilised. We went to Gwen's for our Book Group. She lives in a cottage dating from the 1900s, and she has furnished it to suit. It's particularly attractive in winter as her main room has a lovely golden glow about it. And she is a superb cook too, which helps! I drank Marsala, which I hadn't had for a long time and the glow became even more golden.

A view from the kitchen.

Judith, Joy and Pat were there too.

We had all been reading 'The Perfect Hostage', the story of Aung San Suu Ky in Burma. I hadn't expected to enjoy it as I'm a speed reader and I knew the history of Burma would take a bit of serious study, but I found it fascinating. I had to return the book to the library before I'd finished the last two chapters (someone else had it on order) but I was able to join in the discussion quite well.

Altogether a really delightful evening. But I'm still exhausted from the Scrabble! I never imagined it as a rough and tumble sport!


  1. I love days like that. I think the more unplanned a gathering of friends is, the greater the fun! Serendipity rocks!

  2. I enjoyed reading about the time you spent with your friends, Gwen's cottage does look lovely and cozy........:-)Hugs

  3. Sounds like a lot of action and adventure! Maybe you deserve a day of rest after all of that fun!
    Love Di ♥

  4. This was fun sharing what seemed like a perfect couple of days with friends, good food, games and books.

    I loved the pictures. It's nice when someone shares photographs, as well as words.

    I was interested in your profile. What a life. You've traveled quite a bit. My eldest daughter is like that. She now lives in London and travels everywhere with her husband.

    She read all of the books by Stieg Larsson (The girl with the Dragon Tattoo). After finishing them, she visited Sweden, just so she could see the places mentioned in the book.

    Blogging is fun. You get to meet the most interesting people:~)

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog post. I've read through all your latest posts and I was amazed by how active your life is. It's wonderful. Oh, and I'm a teacher, too. :)