Friday, June 11, 2010


Harry was six yesterday but I didn't get round to recording the fact. It was all very low-key, as the family is in the throes of moving house! His Auntie Bec hosted a casual tea party with cake. He had a grand affair last year with a jumping castle, the lot, and he's been promised something a bit more spectacular for next year, but this year the highlight will be a sleepover with his great friend, Will, after they're settled-in to Anzac Parade. Malcolm and I went up to see the house today. Without furniture it looked very bare, of course, but we both liked it. It's odd but we don't care for old buildings as much as our son does! Having said that, it is a very charming, quirky house, set high on a hill, wuth a particularly pleasant sun-room, a study overlooking the pool, and an excellent playroom for the boys, leading off ther bedroom. I didn't take any photos in the unfurnished state. In fact, I didn't take many photos at Harry's little 'party' yesterday, either, as my battery went flat.

The only shot.
Today was very pleasant. We put on my new melodrama 'The Golden Heart' at the Church  Hall, and, although we'd only had one rehearsal, it all went well. The three men, now called the Male Voice Choir, sang well, and Carole pulled everything together with her great piano playing.

All in good voice.

And here the Heiress rejects the advances of the lowly gold-miner!

We have such fun!


  1. Oh my! What a negligent grandmum you are! LOL!

    I love old houses, but I rather doubt I would want to live in one. The upkeep, and the "ills" of an old house (weather leaks, frequent repairs, etc.) would be more than I could handle. I have better things to do with my time, like constant yard work on this previously neglected piece of earth I bought! Well, we each choose our crosses to bear, don't we?

  2. Happy Birthday Harry.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time, your friends look to be in fine form.....:-)Hugs

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Harry~ hope you had a wonderful day with your friend Will. The house sounds great even in its barest state. glad you had fun with your melodrama 'The Golden Heart' at Church Hall. have a great weekend.